By: thehatandfat

Jul 19 2014

Category: Comic Strip


My plan was to do this in color, just like last Sunday’s strip, but looking at it I thought Color would just ruin it.  I still have an hour or so before I need sleep and I might color after I post just to see.  Tell you what, if it looks better in color, I’ll repost it in the morning.  Otherwise…Enjoy.

6 comments on “THE POOR SUPERHERO”

  1. Couches are so sly & devious. Who can ever conquer them???

  2. I’ve got a similar arch-foe — Futonium, the Malevolent Manipulator of Slack!

  3. You didn’t color? I guess you were the latest victim of Dr. Couchbender! Muah, hah, ha…
    Just kidding Eric, actually I think all these “Paper Plates” comics should stay in B&W. They have a fun feel that way. 😀

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