Hat and Fat #123 – Dude, chill.

By: thehatandfat

Aug 06 2014

Category: Comic Strip


So my new drawing software disappeared.  Yeah, I know how that sounds, but somehow it must have been deleted from my laptop.  So I drew this on an old drawing software and have to say that I kinda like the way it turned out.  Also, this wasn’t the strip planned for today, but the other I felt was too complicated to draw on the old stuff, so I opted for t his simple one panel strip.  

Hope you like it!


10 comments on “Hat and Fat #123 – Dude, chill.”

  1. You may indeed stare Death in the face, but always keep your pass code secure.

    I’m technologically backward. I still use the old sketch pad, pencil, dip pen & indian ink method. Then I scan & just do the speech bubbles, text & colour with GIMP. I just find the old way so relaxing & therapeutic. I used to use fineline pens for inking but since learning to use a dip pen & ink I now find the inking process the most enjoyable part of comic creation.

    • Yeah, I draw all mine out on 14×17 Bristol, ink and then snap a picture with iPad to upload into software. I need to get a scanner. Probably make the whole process much quicker.

  2. That would be totally freaky!

  3. I’ll give you my soul, but never my pass code!
    Eric, this strip looks great! Out of curiosity, what software do you use?

    • I was using Sketchbook Pro. It’s not the best, but it’s really easy to use. I should probably up my game, but I just hate complicated software.

      • I hear great things about Sketchbook Pro but I know what you mean. I use Manga Studio and I wish I had someone sitting next to me to show me how to use all the features I don’t know exist! 😉

      • I have an old Manga 4 that I’ve had for years, it was always too complicated, but I’ve been watching some tutorials and hopefully I can get it going. I have to buy one of those adapters to make my PC connect to the WiFi, though, and that requires a trip to Staples, Walmart or Office Depot, 3 of my least favorite places to visit.

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