By: thehatandfat

Sep 24 2014

Category: Comic Strip


Geez, I love drawing monsters!  This is absolutely my favorite time of year and it has nothing to do with Pumpkin flavored lattes, or pumpkin flavored doughnuts, or even pumpkin flavored infants!  I can just feel my gears getting warm as the weather starts to get colder.

Thanks and Enjoy today’s strip.  Hat and Fat also have a Facebook page if anyone is interested in LIKEing it here’s a link Hat and Fat Comics on Facebook

8 comments on “Hat and Fat #129 – SEASONAL SCRUMPTIOUSNESS”

  1. I love these guys. I hope this isn’t the only Halloween The Hat and Fat we see. I feel like their expertise during this season can produce countless more strips =)

  2. Oh boy! A new limited edition season flavor!

  3. This gets me right in the mood for Halloween – love Halloween! Awesome monsters, awesome comic! Happy drawing dude!

  4. They’ll even taste more like pumpkin if you add Cinnamon! 😉

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