Hat and Fat #130 Hell and Damnation

By: thehatandfat

Oct 01 2014

Category: Comic Strip


Do not, I repeat, do not confuse these guys with Fire & Brimstone.  Those guys have a more funk, groove sound than Hell and Damnation.


4 comments on “Hat and Fat #130 Hell and Damnation”

  1. Haha! That does look like the ultimate eighties band! Bet they turn it up to 11! They do remind me a bit of Fire & Brimstone but if you mixed them with War & Pestilence. Ace comic dude 🙂

    • They’re so radical dude, you can’t even believe it. War and Pestilence…they were that heavy metal rap group, weren’t they? I get so confused about these things.

  2. Around since the 80’s by the looks of them! 😀

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