The Hat and Fat #131 – SO UNFAIR

By: thehatandfat

Oct 08 2014

Category: Comic Strip


Is it just me or does Fat seem to have a cold or something?  I mean look at the color of his spit!  Bet he didn’t get his flu shot.

On a side note, today is my wife’s birthday.  So take a minute and wish her a happy one below.  I know she reads the comments.

6 comments on “The Hat and Fat #131 – SO UNFAIR”

  1. So unfair is right! Ha!

  2. Awesome, happy birthday 😀

  3. Happy Birthday Mrs. Eric’s Wife! 😀

  4. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    You look like a Zombie
    and you smell like one too.

    Love you guys.

  5. Happy Birthday Mrs Crowe! Seems like those guys have a bit of an unfair advantage. Reminds me of the spitting competition in Monkey Island – great comic dude!

  6. Happy birthday, Mrs Crowe! 🙂

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