By: thehatandfat

Oct 16 2014

Category: Comic Strip


Hey Guys,

Lots of obstacles this week.  I had a birthday, a doctor’s appointment to clear up some, somewhat pleasurable, double vision and shindig at my daughter’s school.  I will try to get the new comic up tomorrow, but certainly by Saturday.  Sorry for the delay.

4 comments on “NEW COMIC”

  1. No worries dude – looking forward to it 🙂

  2. Don’t strain yourself Eric. It was your birthday week and you weren’t feeling well. Go out and treat yourself to something! 😀

  3. …apology accepted….(is it tomorrow yet?)…

  4. HappyHappyBirthdayBirthday!! Hope you’re having fun, especially now you can see. Although that is trippy 🙂

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