Hat and Fat #150 – EXCUSABLE

By: thehatandfat

Apr 09 2015

Category: Comic Strip


9 comments on “Hat and Fat #150 – EXCUSABLE”

  1. Brilliant – this has to be my favourite one you’ve done to date!

  2. Careful what you catch though!

  3. That was just an appetizer, now for the entree… Did he wipe his mouth with a baby wipe?

  4. Letting food go to waste is the worst crime of all!
    And I’ve already moved your site to my “Friday Comics” folder in my bookmarks. 😉

  5. Friday posts would be fine. Do what works best for you. Happy weekend! 🙂

  6. Hmmm… Socio-political commentary. Some interesting statements you can make given the nature of your comic strip & characters… as we just saw proof of. Eating babies compared to refusing vaccination — well, okay then! Regardless of, or due to, the potentially volatile debates regarding such a mixture of controversial subject matter is quite a bold direction to take. But what better medium to express either/or/both/all sides of the issue. Good stuff. 🙂

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