Better Art

This comes to us from Johnny Stinzi of Jubilant Meanderings, a very funny strip usually about random things that burrow into to Johnny’s brain.


This was sent to us by Vinnie the Vampire creator Tim Green.  I love the fact that drawn this way, these two hooligans are, at the same time, fun and lovable, but also still sinister.  Tim’s strip is also just as amazing and you can find it here Vinnie the Vampire.


This was sent to us from Delawhere Comic.  If you haven’t found this strip yet, you are missing one of the most eye pleasing strips online.  And to boot, it’s very, very funny.  Find it at

fat final  hat sketch (1)

These were provided by Doug C the creator of Candy Trip Comic Strip.  At first glance we thought these were pulled from somewhere, then realized Doug drew them himself.  INCREDIBLE.  They’re so creepy, and the details on the page.  I come back time and time again to look at these and something new pops out.  Find Candy Trip at

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